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Asked a question 5 months ago

I'm getting "authentication failed: The app returned "409"." when trying to connect to Zapier. Not sure what the issue could be. The API key and campaign ID are both correct.

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Hi Curtis!

I'm sorry for the trouble with this. We are currently working on the Zapier app and this could cause an issue with the older version. We're in contact with Zapier to resolve the login issues, but In the mean-time, we have a work-around set-up: 

1. Instead of using the KickoffLabs Zapier app for part 1 of the zap, setup a trigger web hook from Zapier first:

2. Copy the URL they give you for that. 

3. Setup a web hook from KickoffLabs for Zapier instead.

4. Paste the URL that Zapier gives you for the web hook.

If you continue to experience issues, please shoot us an email at support@kickofflabs.com41 and we can take a look at your account :) 

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