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Best Practices

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If you’re using a landing page to promote a viral contest, you might think that designing the page will be easy. A lot of people assume that landing page design is just a matter of throwing some text and images... (More)
The holiday season is the perfect time to run a giveaway campaign. Launching a Christmas giveaway as the year comes to a close isn’t just about getting you and your followers into the giving spirit of the season… It’s about... (More)
Now that the Christmas season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to coordinate a holiday-themed giveaway. Launching an online contest is a fun and easy way to get your audience into the holiday spirit, but more importantly, it can... (More)
Running an online contest is a highly effective way to create new leads. You get more eyes on your content, more opportunities to sell your services and products, and a greater chance to establish a loyal following. The more visits... (More)